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TCS Campus Commune Launched


Ms Swetha of TCS briefing pre-final year students


TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) launched Campus Commune, a professional network on the university campus on 9 February. Campus Commune is a professional network developed by TATA Consultancy Services (TCS). It provides a platform to academia and TCS to connect, communi-cate and collaborate. It is a 24x7 platform that eliminates barriers of time, place and reach resulting in spontaneous and enthusiastic collaboration between interested groups in academic institutions and interested groups within TCS.The main objective of Campus Commune is to engage the academic community and provide them with an online platform to build networks with their peers, share experiences, resolve their queries, interact with industry experts and learn together as a community. Ultimately, Campus Commune aims at providing students a head start for a smooth transition into the corporate world. Ms. Swetha of TCS elucidated about the spectrum where the members can enjoy the association of seniors, experts from TCS and other students across campuses. Following this there was a Quiz about TCS and those who were able to answer received compliment gifts.Nearly 700 students of III B. Tech registered with TCS Campus Commune.